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A revolutionary setup of easy access for children to a world of knowledge and exploration.
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Our activities are both Indoors & Out. We recognize the importance of exposing children to age-appropriate Challenges & Experiments.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

If you join us for free you get access to all the learning videos, thousands of fun facts, 10 creative activities, 10 Crafts & DIY's, 10 Science Experiments, Access to all Brain Teasers, thousands of fun facts, Access to our videos, lots of freebies and more upcoming features for free subscribers.

If you join us as a paid subscriber you get access to thousands of worksheets, tons of creative activities, tons of Crafts & DIY's, tons of science experiments, all the upcoming workbooks, fun facts, games and quizzes, upcoming subject courses, education bundles, bedtime stories, our videos, lots of freebies, more upcoming features for paid subscribers.

There are a bulk of upcoming features on the website like:-

-Tons of Printable Workbooks

-Tons of Education Bundles

-Tons of Weekly Courses

-Tons of Subject Courses

-Lots of Brain Development courses

-Lots of Skill Courses

-Online Review Exercises

-Monthly & Weekly Competitions

-Science Experiment videos

-Craft & DIY Videos

-Tons of e-books

Please check our Terms of Use. You can also e-mail us at littletellykids@gmail.com with details of your request. 

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