Brain Development Activities for kids

Activity 1 – To Raise a Grateful Child 🙏🏻

Gratitude is a way of life, we all as parents learned this meaningful concept over the years of our life. According to Research, Gratitude increases happiness level by 25%, makes you live in the moment, reduces stress, and makes life more meaningful and simpler.

As a parent we always want to give our child the best and happier life, so why not show them the path from the beginning of their Childhood itself. Children when they are young, their mind is at a growing stage, the way we conditioned their habits at this stage of their life, it’s always a continuation of it in their adulthood as well. Let’s add a beautiful element into their lives of being Grateful for everything they have.

5 Ways to Help Children Practice Gratitude in Their Life

Gratitude is being grateful for all that we have in our life at the present moment, and when you are truly appreciating things in your life, peace and abundance comes your way automatically. Very simple, yet so effective in our lives, that has all the answers to bring happiness and love in our life.

In this post, I will break down 5 ways how you can make your children practice Gratitude and get yourself involved in the whole process with your child. Also, we are providing you with printable worksheets crafted for your children to write down their weekly or daily gratitude.

Now, let’s dive into the activities.

Gratitude Diary

This can be really fun as well, help your child in making his or her own gratitude diary, filled with their favorite colors and pictures and when it’s all done, ask your child to list out things they are grateful for, it can be as simple as this “Today I am grateful for yummy food, I am thankful for the toy I have, and whatever your child thinks they are happy with, ask them to write it down daily before they go to sleep. 

This whole process of writing daily will help your child remind of all the good things they have, and will bring smiles of contentment when they go to bed. It will tune their mind into “take always good from life”, at a later stage when they grow up, life will look meaningful to them.

Gratitude Notes

Sit with your child and help them write small thank you note for whoever they love the most in the family, ex: Mummy, Papa, Grandfather, Grandmother, etc. Make it simple in terms of writing, let them write whatever they like about the particular person truly. Trust me, this will help your child to learn the value of people and being kind with simplicity in life. All that is required is your little effort in getting yourself involved in it.

Gratitude Jar 

Introduce your children to this by naming it, “Jar full of Happiness”. Give, your child a jar, ask them to decorate with ribbons and small sparkling stars, and to name it whatever they want to. Then, at the beginning or end of each month, let your child write two things that made them happy for that particular month on a small piece of paper and put into the jar, this way every month they will be adding the jar with happy notes and after a year when it’s full they will have 24 things that made them happy and it will remind them meaning of how being “grateful can bring more into life”. Trust me, children will love to do this, it’s fun with meaning.

Gratitude Collage 

If you and your child love artwork and are also pretty good with your artistic skills, well, you can make a gratitude collage of doodling images about all happy things that you and your child feel grateful for and small thankful notes as well and stick it around your main wall, as it will remind you of happy things and make your day beautiful. This will help you get along with your child and make your bond more stronger and beautiful as well. 

Gratitude Games

You can get your kid into the habit of saying thank you while playing any game with them. Every time they win or lose ask them to say “Thank You” that will make them appreciate their victory and even their defeat. This all together can be fun, if you play with your kids once a while.

This way children can learn Gratitude while having fun, and you as parents can teach them, the eternal secret to having a beautiful life. “The greatest gift as parents that you can give to your children is the gift of being grateful for everything in life”.

Try this activity with your child and let us know about the experience in the comment section below.

Till, then keep finding happiness in every moment lovely people. 🤗


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