Brain Development Activities for kids

Activity 2 – Teach your child the power of Breathing

One of the best exercises, that as a parent you should teach your child is breathing technique. Imagine how wonderful it will be when you can help your child in knowing their emotions and to be able to calm down and find happiness.  It is widely accepted, that breathing Exercise is one of the most effective ways to help you calm down and channelize your energy in the right direction.

Now, for a minute you all might think, we all know about the benefits and the effects of breathing …. But how to teach this to our children??   Wait, we have an answer to your question. Yes, so let’s dive into this activity and we will tell you three effective ways of teaching Breathing Exercise to your lovely kids.

Let’s get started 

Flower Breathing Technique

Give your child his or her favorite flower and then let’s get into the magic.

  • Flowers have the softness of their smell and touch, which helps your child to calm down.
  • Now, ask your child to smell the flower, take a deep breath for a count of four, and then hold for a count of four.
  • Then breathe out through the mouth. 
  • Continue this for 10 minutes, till the time your child feels calm down.

The benefit of Flower Technique

  • The smell of the flower will help your child feel happy
  • The flower that is most favorable, will help your child take the best characteristic of that automatically while they practice this daily. 
  • The most important quality they will learn through this is to “Blossom like a flower and be unique in your own way.

Affirmations Breathing Technique

  • Ask your child to say one good sentence about, for example – I am feeling happy, my day is beautiful, I love myself, I feel grateful anything whatever your child wishes to say.
  • Now ask your child to say that sentence in mind and take a deep breath for a count of four and then hold for a count of four.
  • Then release it through the mouth.
  • Continue this and for every breath, repeat the sentence until your child feels relaxed. 

Benefits of Affirmation Technique

  • Daily, saying one affirmation will automatically feed your child’s mind with a positive thought, it is told “You are what you say”. Saying good affirmation will help your child be in that energy.
  • It will help boost your child’s confidence and to be more energetic.
  • Trust me, this technique really works well, if practiced daily.

Visualization breathing  technique

  • Here comes the interesting part, by nature kids love to imagine their dreams, cartoon characters, anything whatever they like. So this technique is going to be fun for them.
  • Ask your child to imagine something happy, a nice beautiful place, what they like in their mind.
  • Now, in the meanwhile, they visualize ask them to repeat the breathing exercise as discussed and to continue this process until the child feels calm down and happy. 

Benefits of Visualization Technique

  • As your child starts imagining his or her creative ability increases.
  • Your child can start believing in their imagination power.
  • It builds its own happy world.
  • Makes them feel positive and confident.

So, these are three ways, which we feel as a parent you should teach your child about Breathing Exercises to build your child’s confidence from within.

Few Points to Remember

  • Make your child practice breathing exercise either in the morning or evening
  • This should be practiced daily for better results.
  • After the end of the exercise, ask your child to tell or write what they felt after doing the exercise.

Which Breathing Exercise works for your kid? Let us know in the comment section and if you want to add your experience or any other technique that you are aware of. We would be happy if you share it with us in the comment section.

Till then, keep finding happiness in every moment lovely people.


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